Alessandro Librio: Archivio/ Music for the Queen, 15 Apr 2018 — 31 Oct 2018

Alessandro Librio: Archivio/ Music for the Queen

N38E13, Via Maqueda, 7

Taking its name from the audible sound produced by queen bees in some swarming colonies, this project offers an imaginative, experimental approach to the problem of the rapid bee decline observed around the world. Since summer 2011 Alessandro Librio has explored the challenging field of soundscape by realising an interesting number of artworks, whose recurring key theme is the relationship between man and nature. By presenting the project in a series of studies, N.1 N.2 and N.3, the artist invites us to look at the issue facing one of the main threats to biodiversity, which is a result of human activities. Music for the Queen works with three essential, but different elements: the mechanical one (a piano), the unpredictable one (Nature, represented by the bees), and the human (represented by the artist). Conceived as an experimental artwork, the music instrument is activated by bees and performers, who play together to educate the audience about the importance of biodiversity by creating a fascinating mix of ecology, music and design.

Contacts & Details
T: +39 3478877794

N38E13, Via Maqueda, 7

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