Extemporanea H24, 16 Jun 2018 — 14 Jul 2018

Extemporanea H24

The Galleria Lombardi and La Nica Art Gallery, for the occasion of Palermo, the Italian capital of Culture 2018 and of “Manifesta 12”, have started collaborating in  their exhibition space in via Villaermosa 41.
For “Extemporanea H24” two galleries have created an exhibition that includes the presence of artists who will paint impromptu in the gallery and in various parts of the city.
The artists taking part in the initiative are: Alessandro Bazan, Fulvio di Piazza, Marco Eusepi, Piero Mascetti, Nicola Pucci, Ignazio Schifano, Francesco Barilaro, Giuseppe Barilaro, Antonino Gaeta, Flavio Orlando, Igor Scalisi Palminteri , Linda Randazzo, Saccardi Laboratory, Jacopo Truffa.
The event will start at 11:00 am both in the city squares and in the gallery. During the same day and until the following day it will be possible to see the artists at work, hence the title “Extemporanea H24”. The exhibition in the gallery will last until Saturday 14 July 2018.

The Twenty-four hours will be followed by a series of initiatives all dedicated to art and culture: dialogues with artists, meetings with critics, with young people, reading poetry, music, food and wine convivial moments etc.

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