Nino Raso: MalMediterraneo, 20 Jun 2018 — 10 Jul 2018

Nino Raso: MalMediterraneo

Morettino Coffee Museum, via Enzo Biagi 3-5

The Morettino coffee museum in Palermo hosts MalMediterraneo, an artistic project which began on the island of Pantelleria, in the heart of the Mediterranean.
A project by Nino Raso that focuses on integration and sustainability, linking art to nature and life, creating the ideal circle.
The works are made with the wood of migrant boats and recycled materials, an ode to those who cross the sea in the name of fear, seeking shelter and comfort.
The “FLAGS” project has received the patronage of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR). Thirty flags created by wood charged with symbology, imbued with salt and desires. The “Mar” turns into “Mal”, as if it were a disease, a melancholy.
In an era in which walls and borders are constantly being put up, FLAGS seeks to open minds and awakens memories: a return to an island great civilisation where diversity is wealth, the island that first demonstrated how integration can create a great people.

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T: 091 688 3736

Morettino Coffee Museum, via Enzo Biagi 3-5

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