Biennale Némo 2023: I is an other ?, 30 Sep 2023 — 07 Jan 2024

Biennale Némo 2023: I is an other ?

Centquatre – Paris, 5 Rue Curial, 75019

At the heart of Biennale Némo 2023 is the question of multiple identities. The main exhibition at CENTQUATRE-PARIS offers an impressionistic journey through a succession of aesthetically spectacular works, playful creations, videos, and installations that approach the many facets of the digital age from a critical, informative perspective.

Travelling through time from the future to the past, with a stop in the present, the three-part exhibition questions, experiments, analyzes and dreams about how technologies impact online and offline personalities, aesthetics, and human transformations that have taken place or are yet to come.

The exhibition opens with works that introduce the journey and send visitors in search of themselves, on the path to exploring their multiple personalities in the digital age. It draws to a close with a dispersed group of works that expand the realm of possibilities and, perhaps, serve as inspiration to shift the machine into reverse.

Artistic curators : José-Manuel Gonçalvès and Gilles Alvarez

In search of self (en accès libre)
Christian Rizzo – avant la nuit dernière – 2016
Jean-Luc Cornec – TribuT – 1992
Universal Everything – Maison Autonome – 2022
Universal Everything – Future You – 2019

Heaven’s Gate
Marco Brambilla – Heaven’s Gate – 2021

The future is already written
Fabien Léaustic – Sève élémentaire – Création Biennale Némo 2023
NeoConsortium – ExoForm – 2022
Bill Vorn – I.C.U. (Intensive Care Unit) – 2021

Archaeology of the present
Robbie Cooper – Immersion – 2008
Emmanuel Van der Auwera – WAKE ME UP AT 4:20 AM – 2017
Cecilie Waagner Falkenstrøm – Tech for Democracy – 2021
Ensemble de pièces de Montaine Jean, Clare Poolman, Jeanne Rocher et Etta Marthe Wunsch – Lifer Héritage – 2022
Halsey Burgund et Francesca Panetta – In Event of Moon Disaster – 2019
Frederik Heyman – Virtual Embalming – 2018
Cristina Galán – Paul – 2018-2023

How did we get here?
France Cadet – Leçon de séduction n°29 : lui présenter votre meilleur profil et Leçon de séduction n°32 : l’inciter à méditer – 2013
Ian Spriggs – Coeus, Prometheus, Ichor et Tetrad – 2022
Obvious – Le Phare d’Alexandrie 1.1 et Le Temple d’Artémis à Ephèse 1.1 – 2022
Donatien Aubert – Veille Infinie – Création Biennale Némo 2023

Machines, into reverse!
Ariane Loze – If you didn’t choose A, you will probably choose B – 2022
Ismaël Joffroy Chandoutis – Madotsuki_the_Dreamer – Création Biennale Némo 2023
Encor Studio – Alcove LTD – 2022

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Tue – Fri 12pm – 7pm;
Sat – Sun 11am  – 7pm
T: +33 1 53 35 50 00

Centquatre – Paris, 5 Rue Curial, 75019

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