Faut-il voyager pour être heureux?, 20 May 2022 — 29 Jan 2023

Faut-il voyager pour être heureux?

Espace Fondation EDF, 6 Rue Juliette Récamier, 75007

The EDF Group Foundation presents  “Faut-il voyager pour être heureux?“, a new exhibition on the theme of Travel, illustrated by the masterpieces of 32 French and international, contemporary artists.

Visitors are invited to question travel nowadays, the exhibition addresses current issues, such as re-thinking mobility following the sanitary crisis, or migration forced by exile. It is also an invitation for pleasure and emotion, to discover with another point of view. Nearly 50 pieces – structures, paintings, videos or photographs – refer to these major questions.

It is contemporary art and all of its creativity that enlighten reality. The artists and their masterpieces hit the spontaneous magic of travel considered as a means of knowledge, dialogue and development, to confront the issues of our time: what is the ecological footprint of travel and the related infrastructures? How does tourism make elsewhere an area of consumption? How do we look at populations that move by necessity, knowing others do it for leisure? Finally, dreaming is an essential dimension of travel, so which imaginary is the new one, for today and tomorrow’s travelers?

Contacts & Details


Tue – Sat 9:30am – 12:30pm, 1:30pm – 6pm

T: +33 1 40 42 35 35
M: fondation-edf@edf.fr

Espace Fondation EDF, 6 Rue Juliette Récamier, 75007

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