Geert Goiris: Plot Twist, 28 Oct 2016 — 10 Dec 2016

Geert Goiris: Plot Twist

Art : Concept, 4 Passage Ste Avoye

Art : Concept hosts “Plot Twist”, its third solo exhibition with Geert Goiris. Giving an entirely new direction to his work, for the first time the artist proposes a confrontation between photographs and videos.

The term “plot twist” refers to a rebound, a new development occurring unexpectedly within a plot. In the mysterious narrative created by the Belgian photographer, it corresponds to the emergence of moving images that have started to shake a work previously dominated by still images. Beyond photography, these three videos (between one and two minutes) lead us with extreme coherence into the practice of Geert Goiris.

As often, his subject is a micro phenomenon, part of the natural order taking place in our absence; a makeshift locomotive going from point A to point B, the exhibition as a whole seems to follow a voluntarily open narrative construction. Even though the medium changes, the relationship with image and the information it conveys remains the same. Again, there are no speci cations of time or place. All the elements necessary to our understanding are perceptible (the subject is realistic, perfectly recognizable) but elusive enough to leave room for interpretation. The uniqueness of the video intervenes at this point: incorporating the viewer even more into the process.

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T: +33 1 53 60 90 30

Art : Concept, 4 Passage Ste Avoye

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