Philippe Parreno, 18 Oct 2023 — 18 Oct 2023

Philippe Parreno

Philippe Parreno reflects on thirty years of his exhibition practice through pairs of rarely seen images that reveal connections and motifs in his work.

Cahiers d’Art, 14 rue du Dragon

Parreno revisits thirty years of exhibition practice through an assemblage of rarely seen images of his work. He has selected and juxtaposed photos in pairs, each one functioning as the counterpoint to the one facing it, revealing connections and ties made visible through this process of association. This collection represents recurring elements within the artist’s body of work, offering a profound exploration of Parreno‘s creative process, its intrinsic purpose, and the diverse motifs that define it.

In the hallowed gallery space at 15 rue du Dragon, Philippe Parreno presents “Iceman in Reality Park“, an innovative revival of a series first conceptualized in 1995 during the group exhibition “Ripple Across the Water,” curated by Jan Hoet in Tokyo. For Cahiers d’Art, Parreno introduces three new interpretations of this series, this time ingeniously fusing elements of earth with ice, endowing them with an earthen core and reverberating with the essence of David Lynch‘s iconic snowmen imagery.

Just across the street, at 14 rue du Dragon, “Marquee” (2021) radiates and enlivens the historic space of Cahiers d’Art, transcending its original purpose, becoming an intervention in the display space, hinting at the possibility of an event.

This exhibition at Cahiers d’Art represents the inaugural event in a series of major exhibitions and artistic ventures planned for the year ahead. These include the Leeum Museum in Seoul, the Haus der Kunst in Munich, the Fondation Beyeler in Basel and the the Philarmonie de Paris, currently hosting Philippe Parreno and Douglas Gordon’s collaborative work – on view until January 7th, 2024.


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Cahiers d’Art, 14 rue du Dragon

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