Liz Deschenes, 20 Oct 2016 — 14 Jan 2017

Liz Deschenes

Campoli Presti – Paris, 6 rue de Braque

Liz Deschenes presents a photographic installation in the newly added gallery space at 4 rue de Braque, Campoli Presti.
Similarly exploring the potential of photography besides its document form, Liz Deschenes produces unique, site-specific work that reflects on the medium in expansive terms. Liz Deschenes’ work has been increasingly concerned with the interaction between the history of a site, its possibilities of display and the viewer’s awareness of his or her own perceptual and physical experience in the space.

For her presentation at Campoli Presti, Liz Deschenes will make an intervention in the new gallery space at 4 rue de Braque with a photographic installation. The geometrical shape and angled frame of the silvertoned photograms mark the space in different segments and open up new reading directions, both of the artwork and the architecture that surrounds it. Freestanding paneled works from this series have first been presented at the Walker Art Center in 2014, where Deschenes’ works echoed different architectural features of the Walker’s 1971 building, especially the stairs that take visitors from one gallery to the building’s outdoor terraces. For Deschenes’ year-long installation at MassMOCA in 2015, translucent acrylic panels made the elements relate to one another and multiply angles of view.

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T: +33 1 40 29 08 92

Campoli Presti – Paris, 6 rue de Braque

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