Merci Raymond by Bertrand Lavier, 27 May 2016 — 17 Jul 2016

Merci Raymond by Bertrand Lavier

Monnaie de Paris, Quai de Conti, 11

From May 27 to July 17, Monnaie de Paris will host the exhibition Merci Raymond by Bertrand Lavier. More than an exhibition, these are stories, anecdotes, and presentations that Bertrand Lavier has staged in the 18th century rooms of Monnaie de Paris that create connections and unexpected confrontations with the works of Raymond Hains. This artist, an exponent of New Realism, known in particular for his lacerated posters, tireless mixer of words, is thus presented and highlighted by his friend and accomplice Bertrand Lavier. The exhibition is curated by Chiara Parisi, Director of Cultural Programs of Monnaie de Paris.

The 12 exhibition rooms at Monnaie de Paris host masterpieces by these two artists who establish analogies between words, names and images, all while adding an extra twist. 12 winks from Bertrand Lavier to present the works of Raymond Hains in a different context; through face to face juxtaposition and dialogues, provoking and playing with his own work, as a conversation between friends—in a playful mood.

With production of new artworks and revisiting his emblematic pieces, Bertrand Lavier deals with the visual and verbal connections that can be established between his “projects” and those of Raymond Hains; illuminating his friend’s works while sharing his sense of humour.

From the façade where the exhibition’s title, Merci Raymond, is displayed, Bertrand Lavier takes possession of the palace on the Seine, at Quai de Conti. This first outside intervention, made in huge golden “fluted glass” letters, declares its intention to bind together past works and recent works in the very same place. It is a luminous tribute, like a huge medal around the building that hosts it. The entire exhibition at Monnaie de Paris emphasis the spirit of these two close personalities with a perfect blend of their artistic universes and thoughts in an offbeat tone which juxtaposes Picasso, Matisse, Stella, Giotto… or even Boronali’s donkey.

Following the idea of rethinking new forms of exhibitions, Bertrand Lavier has conceived a project in the core of Monnaie de Paris, which is purpose-built gesture to capture the eyes and minds of visitors.

On the occasion of this exhibition, an artist book is published by Monnaie de Paris with Dilecta, a bronze numbered and signed medal and a signed token is created in the engraving workshops of Monnaie de Paris.

Contacts & Details
mon 11:00 am – 7:00 pm, – ; tue, wed, fri, sat, sun 11:00 am – 7:00 pm; thu 11:00 am – 10:00 pm

T: +33 1 40 46 57 57

Monnaie de Paris, Quai de Conti, 11

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