Miltos Manetas: Floating Studio (The World We Live In), 22 Nov 2021 — 16 Jan 2022

Miltos Manetas: Floating Studio (The World We Live In)

Éric Hussenot, 5 bis rue des Haudriettes

Floating Studio (The World We Live In)” is a new chapter in the artistic work of Miltos Manetas presented for the first time at Galerie Hussenot in Paris.

It’s not a traditional exhibition but a permanent moving studio where the physical and digital domains meet: a simulation of a fictitious online space through the physical space of the gallery.

More than a static, monolithic exhibition, it is an event “to compose together”, to live and to experiment in order to build a genuine common space. A place that mirrors the social networks where so many new contents and relationships are being created. Here he examines the usual conditions of production and exhibition by not presenting a set of finished artworks, but by transforming the gallery into a real live creation space, a constantly evolving laboratory.

His “Floating Studio” is floating and inclusive, it is seen as an open laboratory that produces the exhibition in real-time – a path where you follow the presence of the artist who inhabits it and makes it evolve, so that every day the works come and go, change or disappear, as on a newsfeed, open to all. It is designed as a real stage on which the ubiquity and velocity of digital technology become an experience to be lived.

Miltos Manetas, who has made a name for himself painting the iconographic system of our time – laptops, cables, and all sorts of
computers and technological devices – presents a series of paintings and murals, made with pigments and soap, which can be erased as quickly as our online searches and turn into simulated screens.

Contacts & Details
tue, wed, thu, fri, sat, sun 11:00 am – 7:00 pm


T: +33 01 48 87 60 81

Éric Hussenot, 5 bis rue des Haudriettes

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