Présentations, 20 Sep 2022 — 29 Oct 2022


For its second show hosted at 18 rue Commines, Radicants presents an exhibition in the form of a manifesto.

Radicants, 18 Rue Commines, 75003

The title, PRÉSENTATIONS, refers to one of today’s most valuable curatorial functions: introducing the artists of tomorrow to the public. Five curators, each very distinctive in their background and positioning, endorse an emerging artist from the French scene and explain their choice.

Jennifer Flay presents Neïla Czermak Ichti, who mixes personal accounts of her drawings and paintings with signals of the strange elements behind their magic potential.

Claire Luna traveled extensively across the American continent before returning to France, where her research focuses on the margins of history. She has chosen to show Eva Moari. A cabinetmaker by descent (and by training).

Simon Njami, who was one of the first individuals to develop a theoretical discourse around contemporary African art with the publication of the Revue Noire, and a tireless talent scout, presents a video of Céline Fantino.

Jennifer Teets, an American curator based in Paris, oversees many international projects in which she likes to cross-reference fields of knowledge. She introduces us to the work of Clémence de la Tour de Pin.

Nicolas Bourriaud, founder of Radicants, defends the work of Marieke Bernard-Berkel, as well as that of Nicolas Aguirre. 

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Wed – Sat 2pm – 7pm


Radicants, 18 Rue Commines, 75003

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