Réclamer la terre, 15 Apr 2022 — 04 Sep 2022

Réclamer la terre

The artists of "Réclamer la terre" help us to think and feel a charged, intensified and active nature.

Palais de Tokyo, 13 Av. du Président Wilson, 75116

The group exhibition follows the traces of fourteen women artists who work differently with elements such as earth, water, fire, air, plants and minerals, reducing them to their simple materiality. These materials, in addition to being elements of artistic practice, become tools, cultural, historical and political vectors revitalized in a context of ecological emergency.

The fourteen artists of  “Reclaiming the Earth” excavate the earth literally and figuratively, (re)bringing to the forefront forgotten narratives, silenced or even yet to be invented. Moving away from a Eurocentric vision, the artists develop new connections with the environment and form an assemblage of practices and scales of relationship: with the earth, with ancestors, with human and non-human life, and with visual culture.

Artists involved: Abbas Akhavan, Amakaba x Olaniyi Studio, asinnajaq, Huma Bhabha, Sebastián Calfuqueo, Megan Cope, D Harding, Karrabing Film Collective, Kate Newby, Daniela Ortiz, Solange Pessoa, Yhonnie Scarce, Thu-Van Tran, Judy Watson.

Contacts & Details
Wed – Mon 10am – 10pm;
Thu 10am – 12am
T: +33 1 81 69 77 51
M: accueil@palaisdetokyo.com

Palais de Tokyo, 13 Av. du Président Wilson, 75116

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