Sarah Charlesworth, 20 Oct 2016 — 14 Jan 2017

Sarah Charlesworth

Campoli Presti – Paris, 6 rue de Braque

Campoli Presti presents the first solo exhibition of works by Sarah Charlesworth at the gallery.
Selected by Liz Deschenes, the works are displayed in the ground floor of 6 rue de Braque. Liz Deschenes will present a photographic installation in the newly added gallery space at 4 rue de Braque. Charlesworth’s influential body of work deconstructed the conventions of photography and established the medium’s centrality in our perception of the world. Like contemporaries Laurie Simmons, Cindy Sherman, Jack Goldstein, Barbara Kruger, and Richard Prince, Charlesworth was later associated with the heterogeneous group of conceptual artists identified as Pictures Generation. Charlesworth stages volatile worlds, isolating objects on monochrome backgrounds to reveal the constructed nature of visual culture and question systems of image distribution.

For the exhibition at Campoli Presti, Liz Deschenes has selected works from “Charlesworth’s 0+1” series and one work from the Neverland series. Single objects that count as visual fetishes (an altar, a tree, a skull) are surrendered to gravity and are exposed to a vaporous light that makes them simultaneously appear and recede. Their fragile existence responds to the uncertain economy of images, which can either accelerate their reproduction or make them disappear over time. Rendered in polished lacquer wooden frames, each image is meticulously cut and re-photographed, contributing to the theatricality of their presentation. Similarly exploring the potential of photography besides its document form, Liz Deschenes produces unique, site-specific work that reflects on the medium in expansive terms. Liz Deschenes’ work has been increasingly concerned with the interaction between the history of a site, its possibilities of display and the viewer’s awareness of his or her own perceptual and physical experience in the space.

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T: +33 1 40 29 08 92

Campoli Presti – Paris, 6 rue de Braque

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