Street Sans Frontières, 12 May 2017 — 14 May 2017

Street Sans Frontières

From May 12 to May 14 2017, DeFactory collective will be back in Paris, six months after ImageNation Paris. “Street Sans Frontières“, an exhibition curated by Martin Vegas, will be attended by 70 authors from 5 continents who showcase what happens in the streets of the world. From amateurs to established artists, these photographers are able to capture stories in different forms and deliver them to us, through the outstanding and inspiring images we are proud to share. With the participation of the Paris-based collective Fragment and the Bragdon Brothers, from Edinburgh.

Photos by:
Gabi Ben Avraham, Gareth Bragdon, Gavin Bragdon, Melissa Breyer, Alex Liverani, Marie Laigneau, Jonathan Higbee, Edas Wong, Roza Vulf, Lesya Kim, Rudy Boyer, Oleg Tolstoy, Steven Jensen, Mankichi Shinshi, Jeffrey De Keyser, Jasper Tejano, Mariagrazia Beruffi, Rémy Soubanère, Antonio Rochira, Patrick Wendt, Rosario Lo Presti, Julie Higelin, Hans-Jörg Aleff, Elisabetta Riccio, Chris Leskovsek, Ambra Mariani, Antoine Bruneau, Andrea Nuvoloni, Benjamin Morrison, Angiolo Manetti, David Gleave, Ilaria Facci, Yun Seok Jun, Roberto De Vincentiis, Biancamaria Monticelli, Aristeidis Apostolopoulos, Andrea Torrei, Pierre Belhassen, Pier Costantini, Torsten Köster, Jefte Gerevini, Amira Issmail, Ed Robertson, Andrea Dani, Gil Barez, Lilyan Aloma, Lorenzo Bocchi, Peter Ydeen, Marco Oprescu, Olimpia Galatolo, Rossella Brunazzi, Kostas Kroustallis, Sabrina Capoferri, Serena Campagnola, Marzia Franceschini, Alessandro Zanoni, Simon Peacock, Sagi Roitfarb, Michele Tusi, Tim Huynh.

Featuring Fragment Collective: Fábio Costa, Jerome Lorieau, Julien Legrand, Kramer O’Neill, Nicolas Portnoï, Patrick Sagnes, Sébastien Bartoli, Sylvain Biard, Thomy Keat.

Street Photography, Documentary Photography and Urban Landscape Photography have distinct individual qualities. Street photography is motivated by curiosity or creative inquiry, within public places, allowing it to bring back a relatively neutral depiction of the world. Though people are usually featured directly, street photography might be absent of people and can be of an object or environment where the image projects a decidedly human character in facsimile or aesthetic. Documentary photography typically has a defined, premeditated message and the intention to record particular events in history. In any case, it’s all about capturing the moment, whether that moment is spontaneous or staged. Finding the extraordinary in everyday situations is one of the great challenges in street photography. A photographer is like a hunter whose camera is the only weapon. In every shot, a fragment of life is captured and given to eternity.

Sans frontières is the French equivalent for ‘without borders’. New borders are increasingly being constructed in the world, be they physical or social, or simply ones in our heads. Better than any other art form or language, photography can document the world around us, crossing the borders and seeking the beauty overlooked by other people. In every corner of the world, street photography captures the essence of diverse people, cultures and traditions. Beyond an interest in photography and love for travelling, some authors are inspired to find space for new narratives that may not have been previously considered. Thinking about images via juxtapositions and visual arguments, the exhibition will show the instant pulse of urban places and the scenes of everyday life blended with the photographer’s attitude in exploring new territories and cultures.
The concept of “no borders” also relates to technical aspects of photography. Street photographers are not limited to using film or digital, shooting in black and white or color, utilizing a real camera or a modern smartphone.

Street Sans Frontières
City Life & Urban Landscape – International Photo Expo
Paris, 12-14 May 2017

Vernissage: Friday 12th May, 6pm
Opening Times: Saturday 13 and Sunday 14, from 14 to 20.

Espace des Arts Sans Frontiéres
44 Rue Bouret, Paris
Metro: Jaurés (Line 2, 5, 7bis)
Free Admission


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