Yu Nishimura, 17 Oct 2022 — 19 Nov 2022

Yu Nishimura

Crèvecoeur presents exhibitions by Japanese artists Yu Nishimura in both spaces; in Belleville and St Germain.

“In the end, my image is nothing but a motivation to do something on the picture plane. It is an entrance; I cannot move forward unless a dog is more than a dog, or a cat is more than a cat. Even if the shapes with undifferentiated elements, which are made along a meandering path, once again become dogs and cats, they appear as dogs and cats who have passed through the scenery. The distance between the subjects and landscapes is removed, creating a single way of viewing the painting.”
—Yu Nishimura 

Yu Nishimura was born in 1982 in Kanagawa, Japan, where he now lives and works. He utilizes multiple perspectives and overlaps layers of painterly elements with slight misalignment, trying to find imagery from memories to create accumulated narratives in a time-lag atmosphere.

Contacts & Details


Tue – Sat 11am – 7pm

T: +33 9 54 57 31 26
M: info@galeriecrevecoeur.com

Crèvecoeur St. Germain – Cascades, 9 Rue des Cascades, 75020

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