The Third Day, 20 Apr 2018 — 01 Jul 2018

The Third Day

Palazzo del Governatore, Piazza Garibaldi 19

The exhibition offers an insight on the topic of sustainability. A scientific environmentalist denunciation is replaced by an evocative and poetic narration. It takes visitors through a cathartic journey that begins with the Third Day of Genesis, the birth of nature and plant species, Genesis 1.3, that goes through creation, destruction, overcoming, nihilism, as far as a return to nature with a palingenesian pattern that follows sensations.

The exhibition itinerary is made up of photos, installations, works realized on site and paintings, involving internationally famous artists that range from Arte Povera to fine art photography, from performance art to sound installations. Marina Abramovic, Mario Merz, Gilberto Zorio, Gabriele Basilico, Sebastiao Salgado, Mario Giacomelli, Gavin Turk, John Isaacs are just some of the many names that will guide visitors during the narration designed by curator Didi Bozzini .

Contacts & Details

Palazzo del Governatore, Piazza Garibaldi 19
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