David Claerbout: The pure necessity, 10 Feb 2022 — 28 Feb 2022

David Claerbout: The pure necessity

Claerbout's "The pure necessity" opens at XNL, Center for contemporary art, cinema, theatre and music.

XNL, Via Santa Franca, 36, Piacenza, Italy

XNL, the Contemporary Arts Centre of the city of Piacenza opens on February 2022 in the Ex-Enel building of The Fondazione di Vigevano e Piacenza.

David Claerbout‘s “The pure necessity” opens in the context of the inaugural project “Anteprima“, which foresees a preview dedicated to the methodologies, languages and contents of the Contemporary Art Programme under the artistic direction of Paola Nicolin.

Claerbout‘s “The pure necessity” is a 50-minute sound video made with the 2D animation technique that is a redesign of the sequences of the famous Disney classic “The Jungle Book“.  The artist’s version of the Disney classic transforms the sentimental and comic story of jungle animals dancing, singing and playing the trumpet into a film that “renounces the humanisation” of the animals and even the “man cub”. The animals behave in a manner appropriate to their species, returning with dignity to being bears, panthers and pythons and showing us a different methodology of listening, dialogue andrepresentation of the living. From a film that celebrates the speed, dynamism and efficiency of a (humanised)nature of the violent and cruel that helps the weak until its emancipation and entry into “modern life”, the video speaks to us of slowness, projects us towards another existential dimension and, as often happens in Claerbout’s work, offers itself as a reflection on the conceptual impact of the passage of time and an investigation into the very nature of the cinematographic medium

The pure necessity” is located in the gallery on the ground floor of the institution.

Contacts & Details

Tue – Sun 10:00am – 6:00pm


T: +39 0523 398401
M: info@xnlpiacenza.it

XNL, Via Santa Franca, 36, Piacenza, Italy

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