14 Artistic Interludes Between 1902 and 2020, 23 Jun 2020 — 15 Aug 2020

14 Artistic Interludes Between 1902 and 2020

The group exhibition collects the key moments in contemporary Czech art

Galerie Zdeněk Sklenář, Mikulandská 135/7, Prague

The exhibition stages pivotal moments in the developments of Czech art, from the twentieth century and first decades of the twenty-first, through fourteen interludes. Each one is dedicated to one or more artists and particular artistic currents, beginning with the first featuring the realism of Antonín Slavíček, the best-known representative of the Mařák school of landscape painting.
Among the other sections, the second shows František Kupka’s abstract oeuvre, with one of his paintings, “The Big Bang”, made in the early 1920s, exhibited in Prague for the first time. The painting was also chosen as the exhibition’s logo.
The following interludes are dedicated, in turn, to the two key representatives of Czech cubism – Emil Filla and Bohumil Kubišta; the painter Jindřich Štyrský; the photographer Josef Sudek, the icon of twentieth-century Czech photography; Bohuslav Reynek’s previously unexhibited works; Karel Černý and Zdeněk Sklenář; and many more.


Contacts & Details

Dear Friends and Art Lovers,

In order to comply with the extraordinary measures implemented by the Czech government, all of the exhibition spaces at our gallery are temporarily closed to the public.

Call us on our mobile number +420 773 794 510, or send us an e-mail to galerie@zdeneksklenar.cz.

For enjoyment, browse through our website. Here you will find interesting interviews about art, an archive of past exhibitions, and our e-shop, which offers the publications, films, audiobooks and posters that our gallery has produced and published during the thirty years of our existence.

Thank you for your custom and your understanding, we look forward to seeing you again once the situation makes it possible.

With wishes of good health for all!

T: +420 773 794 510
M: galerie@zdeneksklenar.cz

Galerie Zdeněk Sklenář, Mikulandská 135/7, Prague

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