Ângulos da Notícia – 90 Anos de Fotojornalismo do Globo, 29 Sep 2015 — 29 Nov 2015

Ângulos da Notícia – 90 Anos de Fotojornalismo do Globo

Museu de Arte do Rio (MAR), Praça Mauá 5, Centro

This exhibition, that celebrates the newspaper Globo 90th anniversary and happens during the the city’s 450th anniversary, comprises more than 150 photos by Custódio Coimbra (b. 1954, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil), Bruno Veiga (b. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil), Sebastião Salgado (b. 1944, Aimorés, Brazil), Eurico Dantas (b. 1940, Brazil), Marcelo Carnaval (b. Brazil), Márcia Foletto (b. Santa Maria, Brazil), and other great names of Brazilian photojournalism. Curated by MAR and O Globo, the exhibition is organized in several sections, each of them with a text written by journalists and columnists known of the great public.

Miriam Leitão writes about the dictatorship period, represented in the show by photos taken during the first moves for the 1964 Coup, and during the repression period, including rare images of the body of the student Edson Luís, murdered by the militaries in 1968, not long before the establishment of the famous AI-5, which instituted the darkest moment in recent Brazilian political history. Merval Pereira contextualizes the political scene that precedes 1961, with the isolation of power in Brasília, up until the re-democratization process that culminates with the 1988 Constitution. Debates about social housing and urban transformations, themes widely debated in MAR’s program, are the subject of Sergio Magalhães section text, while editor William Helal Filho talks about religion and education. Ancelmo Gois writes about the records of Carnaval and its relation with African-Brazilian culture.

Classical shots of the Wonderful City, the beautiful views that assisted in the creation of the city’s imaginary, are translated in the text of João Máximo. Paulo Motta, Globo’s executive editor, approaches themes like violence, natural catastrophes and the excessive use of force by the pacification forces. The love for sports are represented by Fernando Calazans’ for a section that gathers photos of football, the first cover of Ayrton Senna and pictures of several sports. Brazilian Popular Music and its characters are introduced by Nelson Motta. A text presenting Globo’s photojournalistic practice, by Aluísio Maranhão, and one essay by Ascânio Seleme contextualize the exhibition as a whole.

Ângulos da Notícia – 90 Anos de Jornalismo do Globo [Angles of the News – 90 Years of Journalism by Globo] integrates a series of shows that highlight the relevance of photojournalism, such as Kurt Klagsbrunn, um Fotógrafo Humanista no Rio and Evandro Teixeira: A Constituição do Mundo. Part of the exhibited photos will be donated to MAR’s collection.

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T: +55 21 3031 2741
M: info@museudeartedorio.org.br

Museu de Arte do Rio (MAR), Praça Mauá 5, Centro

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