Celia Euvaldo: Collages and paintings, 17 Dec 2015 — 28 Feb 2016

Celia Euvaldo: Collages and paintings

Paço Imperial, Praça XV de Novembro, 48 Centro

These collages want to be sculptures: the Chinese white paper is grabbed by the black sheet of paper and fattening, is deformed by the action of glue and the greater weight of the black paper. And both “work” over time, depending on the climate. One can not say that white is the background, support the black paper;what is an inter-relationship, where the black sometimes even exceeds the limits of white. An acts on the other one turns the other.

These paintings remind that came out of the design: horizontal strokes-lines (when the paint is applied) and vertical spatulate-lines (when the ink is dragged) fill the entire field, leaving his trace lines. Paintings, yes, but without color. The black color is not here, not adjectival, is matter. Expansive in reverse, extend into how black holes. Also change, but not in a physical way as Collage. They become with light, the movement of the gaze, the viewing angle.

Both sets proceed by combinations of fewer variables. Collages in two standard formats, in different consistency roles, create tension with each other only by changes and revolutions of their mutual positions. In the paintings, the game gives the position and amount of vertical lines that cross-spatulate the field of horizontal lines, brush strokes, sometimes equally distributed, now grouped in a corner, or other locations. All in strict economy.

The works all imply a geometry, never fully accomplished. The chances, hand the inaccuracies also collaborate for relaxation, or rather the failure to make geometry.


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T: +55 21 2533 4359

Paço Imperial, Praça XV de Novembro, 48 Centro

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