MAM: Its History, Its Heritage, 06 Apr 2016 — 31 Dec 2017

MAM: Its History, Its Heritage

The Museum of Modern Art of Rio de Janeiro is more than just a place where the visitor comes to enjoy works of art. Here, beyond appreciating the Museum’s collection, together with the leased items which enrich it – collections belonging to Gilberto Chateaubriand, Joaquim Paiva and Luiz Carlos Barreto –, and the film sessions exhibited in its Cinemateca, one also has contact with the architectonic setting designed by Affonso Eduardo Reidy – one of the icons of modern Brazilian architecture –, and the gardens of Burle Marx, in harmony with the Aterro do Flamengo itself and the landscape of Rio de Janeiro.

This exhibition was created with the objective of promoting the history of the Institution and its architecture, so that the visitor who comes to MAM RJ, irrespective of his/her view the model in parallel with the timeline of its architecture and the Museum’s presidents, perceiving the way in which the entire setting was built. Recalling important aspects of our journey, the images and documents gathered here attempt to reveal important facts related both to the Museum and to the History of Art and Cinema in Brazil.

Architectural Timeline

1948 May 3 – The minutes of the foundation of the museum are signed. Temporarily installed in rooms at the Boavista Bank.
1952 January 15 – Transferred to the ground floor of the of the Ministry of Education and Health building, currently the Gustavo Capanema Palace. Architect Affonso Eduardo Reidy prepares the preliminary sketch of the Museum’s grounds.
1953 January 3 – The term of donation of the land is published in the Diário Oficial. The project of the museum´s grounds is designed by Reidy and landscaping by Burle Marx.
1954 December 9 – The President of the Republic, João Café Filho, lays the foundation stone of the Museum (construction of the School Block begins).
1956 June – Work begins on the Exhibition Block.
1958 January 17 – President Juscelino Kubitschek plants the first of a series of 48 palm trees in the gardens of the Museum.
January 27 – Inauguration of the School Block with the presence of President Juscelino Kubitschek.
1962 The project of the Paulo Bittencourt Overpass is prepared by Reidy in colaboration with engineer Sidney Santos.
1963 August 22 – Inauguration of the Overpass after eight month of work.
1967 April- Demolition of the marquise of the Exhibition Block.
October 30 – Inauguration of the Exhibition Block with a retrospective of Lasar Segall. The foundation and marquise of the Theater were already built.
1978 July 8 – Fire in the Exhibition Block.
2005 August 15 – Construction work on the Theater begins again.
2006 November 10 – Inauguration of the Theater.


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