Opinião 65 – 50 Anos Depois, 19 Sep 2015 — 28 Feb 2016

Opinião 65 – 50 Anos Depois

Opinião 65 – 50 Anos Depois [Opinion 65 – 50 Years Later] gathers 57 works by Brazilian artists that participated in the emblematic exhibition Opinião 65 in 1965, organized by Ceres Franco and Jean Boghici (1928-2015) at the MAM Rio. Three of these works were exhibited in the original show: “Miss Brasil” (1965), by Rubens Gerchman; “O artista chorando assina…” (1964), by Wesley Duke Lee; and one “Parangolé” by Hélio Oiticica, who presented his “Parangolés” for the first time at the 1965 show.

Curated by Luiz Camillo Osorio, the show will also present posters of movies that were being exhibited in the period (August/September 1965), documents, reviews of the original exhibition published in newspapers, photographs of the artists and exhibition views of Opinião 65, a video from 1967 titled “Arte Pública” [Public Art], and a new video, made specially for the show. The idea is to recreate the atmosphere of the period, thus showing the extent to which the Opinião 65 was important as resistance to the military coup, through the joint forces of artists that were updating the Brazilian art vocabulary by putting it in contact with the energy of the popular visuality.

The exhibition is held in partnership with Pinakotheke Cultural, where are displayed around 70 works by all 30 artists of the original show, many of which were originally exhibited at the MAM Rio in 1965.

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