Ricardo Villa: How to walk through walls, 13 Jan 2016 — 15 Feb 2016

Ricardo Villa: How to walk through walls

Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil Rio de Janeiro (CCBB), Rua Primeiro de Março, 66 Centro

Ricardo Villa opens the exhibition “How to walk through walls“, as part of the CCBB Contemporary Award. On different media such as drawing, collage, sculpture, 3D modeling, video and installation, it articulates issues relating to the occupation of public space.

Bachelor of Arts and Culture Photo by Senac University Center, the visual artist began working with graffiti and other forms of urban interventions. With photography, started to develop work in places-waste city, degraded, abandoned buildings or in preparation, establishing an associative play between the action taken and the space (un) occupied.

“I seek the understanding of the dynamic political and economic which stem from urban conflicts, especially as regards the concept of public and private, the relationship between urban planning and real estate transactions, the ideology present in architectural projects and on (perhaps) some possibility performance, “explains the artist.

The installation “Each place is, in its way, the world”, consisting of four trees (ficus), four meters high, and metal railing, occupies the showroom center. The title of this work is a quote from the geographer Milton Santos (1926-2001). Set of 49 drawings in ink, “Divide and rule” brings images of raped fences.

Examples of sculptures, Villa features a done demolition waste, polished diamond-shaped, and a set of hammer and smashed nails, dark porcelain, entitled “Love in principle order based, progress finally.” Videos of the series “fractal Model” show hypnotic animations, as in a kaleidoscope of human images, animals and vehicles, among other works.

According to curator Daniela Labra, which is critical accompaniment of the artist’s production and is the author of the presentation text of that show, “today, the subject of his research is the city and its human, economic, environmental issues, […] that little resemble picho the chaos. “

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T: +55 21 3808 2020
M: ccbbrio@bb.com.br

Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil Rio de Janeiro (CCBB), Rua Primeiro de Março, 66 Centro

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