TRIO Bienal 2015: Utopias – Pretéritos da Contemporaneidade, 06 Sep 2015 — 26 Nov 2015

TRIO Bienal 2015: Utopias – Pretéritos da Contemporaneidade

Memorial Getúlio Vargas, Praça Luis de Camões, 1, Glória

Utopias – Pretéritos da Contemporaneidade [Utopias: Past Tenses of the Contemporary] is a show with three-dimensional works of political or social focus, divided into two cores – Clashes and Conflicts. The Clashes section features universal and atavistic issues of social and historical frictions, both philosophical as material ones. The Conflict is focus on this moment of crisis in Brazil and the world, confronting territory issues, Diasporas, exodus, identity and hope.

With works by 160 artists from 44 countries, the first edition of TRIO – Rio Three-Dimensional Biennial is curated by Marcus Lontra and happens in nine art spaces in the city. All exhibited pieces approach the three-dimensional (sculpture, installation, object) and its expanded fields, such as paintings, photography, performance and video. This year’s Bienal is titled after a song by rapper Marcelo D2, “Quem foi que disse que não existe amanhã?” [Who said tomorrow doesn’t exist?], a reference to art’s utopian aspect that survives even in moments of crisis and uncertainty.

Contacts & Details

T: +55 21 2557 9444

Memorial Getúlio Vargas, Praça Luis de Camões, 1, Glória
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