Gravity. Imagine The Universe after Einstein, 02 Dec 2017 — 29 Apr 2018

Gravity. Imagine The Universe after Einstein

The exhibition showcases the results of the collaboration between the museum, the Italian Space Agency and the National Institute of Nuclear Physics for the scientific side and the Argentine artists Tomás Saraceno for the artistic aspects.
The project aims to develop a dialogue between art and science, displaying analogies and similarities. Involving international artists, the exhibition pays tribute to scientist Albert Einstein who radically altered our knowledge and perception of the universe.
Immersive artistic and scientific installations, iconic artefacts and simulations of experiments drawing us closer to the essence of the scientific innovations introduced by Einstein and revealing the underlying depths of the known universe, but also the mechanisms that bind together all those searching for knowledge, in a collective process in which artists and scientists play roles of equally fundamental significance to society.

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