Gabriel Wickbold: Sans Tache, 15 Aug 2014 — 20 Sep 2014

Gabriel Wickbold: Sans Tache

Gabriel Wickbold‘s solo show “Sans Tache” shows 15 photographies of his new series, curated by Diógenes Moura, that exposes the conflict human kind has with the aging process. The images present themselves as a proof of media manipulation of bodies and faces that end up not reproducing the real look of people displayed on the photographs.

Inspired by the light contrast of Caravaggio’s work and the Baroque art of the Renaissance era, Gabriel Wickbold photographs several people who “lend” their bodies for this essay, obtaining images that give a feeling of being embalmed, submerged or in a state of levitation.

Freed of any mark or spot on their skin through image processing, the photographs are printed and submitted to a method of “grilagem”. Then, the excrement and the frantic movements of the insects begin to act in the portraits, generating a look of aged paper and revealing the discussion body / time / blemishes. Each photo is submitted to the same process individually, and as in real life, the passing of time works differently for each one.

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