20th Century: MAB Collection, 18 Aug 2015 — 25 Oct 2015

20th Century: MAB Collection

Museu de Arte Brasileira MAB-FAAP, Rua Alagoas, 903, Higienópolis

The exhibition presents a panorama of Brazilian modern and contemporary art through a selection of the MAB-FAAP’s collection. 20th Century: MAB Collection comprehends 110 pieces, including sculptures, paintings and engravings from several artists.

The Brazilian Modernism is represented by artists that participated in the 1922 Week of Modern Art, such as Anita Malfatti (1889 – 1964, Brazil), Victor Brecheret (1894 – 1955, Brazil) and Oswaldo Goeldi (1895 – 1961, Brazil) (who, despite being named in the event’s program, was never confirmed as an actual participant by researchers), plus other key names of the movement, like Cícero Dias (1907, Brazil – 2003, France) and Candido Portinari (1903 – 1962, Brazil).

The exhibition also presents the changes in figuration during the 1930s and 1940s, arriving to geometrical and informal abstraction in the 1950s, and later to approximations with pop and conceptual art, with works by Aldo Bonadei (1906 – 1974, Brazil), Almir Mavignier (b. 1925, Rio de Janeiro), Rubens Gerchman (1942 – 2008, Brazil), Luiz Paulo Baravelli (b. 1942, São Paulo), and others. The most recent generations of creators are represented by works of Sandra Cinto (b. 1968, Santo André), Luiz Hermano (b. 1954, Fortaleza) and Gilberto Vançan (Brazil), among others.

Contacts & Details
mon, wed, thu, fri 10:00 am – 7:00 pm; sat, sun 10:00 am – 6:00 pm


T: +55 11 3662 7198
M: museu.secretaria@faap.br

Museu de Arte Brasileira MAB-FAAP, Rua Alagoas, 903, Higienópolis

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