Adrenalina: A Imagem em Movimento no Século XXI, 14 Mar 2015 — 05 May 2015

Adrenalina: A Imagem em Movimento no Século XXI

With the intention of proportioning a panorama of recent audiovisual production, the exhibition curated by Fernando Velázquez comprehends digital works by 16 national and international artists. Among the participants are Brazilians Luiz Duva and Ricardo Carioba, other than artists from USA, Italy, France, Canada, Uruguay, Japan, Colombia, United Kingdom and Germany.

Adrenaline is a neurotransmitter hormone that is released into the body in situations that require a rapid response in cognitive, behavioral and physiological terms . It sharpens the senses and increases the brain’s ability to process information, in order to restore the balance between being and the environment. To title the show after this substance is a way to suggest that we can still be challenged and surprised by images.

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