Frederico Filippi: Fogo na Babilônia, 07 Nov 2015 — 19 Dec 2015

Frederico Filippi: Fogo na Babilônia

Pivô, Edifício Copan, Avenida Ipiranga, 200, Republica

For his first solo show in an institutional space in São Paulo, Fogo na Babilônia [Fire in Babylon], Frederico Filippi (b. 1983, São Carlos, Brazil) departs from a perception of the moment of collapse in a civilizing process, thus using the image of Babylon, both in its biblical meaning of Babel as in the term coined by reggae, corresponding to the idea of a degraded metropolis.

One of the pieces present in the show is “Vaca Vulcão” [Volcano Cow], 2014, where Filippi finds the point of connection between two images taken from books, a frequent procedure of his collages, created from an archive of images he has been gathering. The technique is particularly dear to him, as the random attachment of images is similar to the disorderly construction of metropolis, where edifications are gradually superimposed. In this work, one sees the head of a cow merged with the smoke of an erupting volcano, an allusion to the exploitation of nature by man and the predictable collapse it will cause.

A hitherto unseen video also opposes the rural life to the life in big cities. In it, a car wanders in an industrial neighbourhood of São Paulo at daybreak, carrying in its trunk a sculpture made of speakers that emit the roar of oxen. The work makes reference to futurist Italian artist Luigi Russolo’s (1885, Portogruaro – 1947, Bottanuco) “intonarumori”, acoustic equipment that made music with industrial sounds.

Works that use the image of spirals, be it as a form or as a path, complete the show. Filippi remembers the spiral mechanism of the kinetic tower designed by Vladimir Tatlin (1885 – 1953, Russia), which was never built due to its ambitious dimensions and the complexity of its design; it was supposed to be a monument to the Third International, larger than the Eiffel Tower and that would rotate on its own axis. As the Babel tower mentioned in the title of the show, Tatlin’s tower was also a frustrated utopian project. With his show, Frederico Filippi scrutinize the vertigo caused by the constitution of civilizing processes.

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T: +55 11 3255 8703

Pivô, Edifício Copan, Avenida Ipiranga, 200, Republica

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