Frederico Filippi & Raphael Escobar: Proper-Improper, 25 Oct 2016 — 19 Nov 2016

Frederico Filippi & Raphael Escobar: Proper-Improper

Galeria Leme, Av. Valdemar Ferreira 130, Butanta

“What is with this possibility that is always engaged in one way or another in its impossibility?” (Maurice Blanchot)

This is from this question that Maurice Blanchot departs in his explanation to conceive what is utopia – existing in the relationship between communism and community. For this, the writer resorts to the creation of a concept-word: proper-improper. His resource then becomes narrative and imaginative in language.

In this exhibition Galeria Leme presents its new represented artists Frederico Filippi and Raphael Escobar, held together with the critic Leonardo Araujo. borrows the term and its use by the author to make its title both the context of emerging as to which immerses.

Having this movement aligned with the artistic process and the movement of “things” (images, texts and actions) which it appears is proper-improper that keeps attentive to the politics of image. Going beyond communism or community that thoroughly penetrates the writer, the exhibition stands with the posture of how the image communicates what is urgent, its imagination power.

The works of artists resort to an affirmative and negative set of the double words of the title chosen to create unique perspectives on their own practices. By simply choosing the image produced by contemporary art in the current capitalist context is not tied anymore as the fundamental strength of a civilization, but as a reiteration of life – and this as an act of imagining – the exhibition intends creative and critical deepening that the artists present in their production environments.

Escobar, thinks and responds to social update with an invisible policy only emerged in meetings between those involved in relationships in which he gets or demand. Filippi, revisits and proposes, through nature and the Western neglect to it, a silent, meditative abstract and rereading image as an intervention in the collective unconscious.




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T: +55 11 3093 8184

Galeria Leme, Av. Valdemar Ferreira 130, Butanta

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