Fronteiras_Imigrante and Fronteiras_Zero Hidrográfico, 20 Feb 2016 — 30 Apr 2016

Fronteiras_Imigrante and Fronteiras_Zero Hidrográfico

Red Bull Station in São Paulo opens its 2016 calendar with two simultaneous exhibitions: “Fronteiras_Imigrante” by André Penteado, and “Fronteiras_Zero Hidrográfico” by Gisela Motta and Leandro Lima. According to the curator Fernando Velázquez, the intention is to revisit these works of the artists with a new look.
Composed by floating fluorescent bulbs that undulate like the sea, the installation “Fronteiras_Zero Hidrográfico” proposes a look around the convention called “Zero Hidrográfico” that serves to guide navigation when boating and helps to measure a tidal level difference.
The work is about reconsidering the struggle of the inhabitants of São Paulo when they had to deal with the floods in the city. The building of the Red Bull Station was once used to provide the power plants in the early twentieth century and was built at the confluence of rivers Saracura, Japurá-Bixiga and Itororó, which in turn flow into the river Anhangabaú.
With “Fronteiras_Imigrante” Andre Penteado investigates psychological state of the immigrant. During the seven years when lived in London, England, the artist often visited Kew Gardens, a botanical garden where he discovered unexpected fact: greenhouses, with the tropical plants, are constantly being visited  by immigrants from countries where with a very hot climate. Mainly they are Pakistanis and Indians, seeking to remember the time left behind. It was this discovery that drove the creation of the three photographic series, which consist of 29 images, video and animation.

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