Hilal Sami Hilal: Ya’ayouni – Luz dos Meus Olhos, 08 Oct 2015 — 14 Nov 2015

Hilal Sami Hilal: Ya’ayouni – Luz dos Meus Olhos

Galeria Marilia Razuk, Rua Jerônimo da Veiga 131, Itaim Bibi

Hilal Sami Hilal (b. 1952, Vitória) exhibits seven new works in his latest solo show at Marilia Razuk gallery, including the series “Deslocamentos” [Displacements] and “Roda” [Weel] and “Aviãozinho” [Airplane], plus large dimension works and a big artist book in cotton paper and pigment.

Ya’ayouni, the title of the show, in an Arabic expression that translates as “the light of my eyes” and is used to designate beloved persons. The word appears here as an homage to the artist’s newborn grandson, who inspired the feelings of joy and new life that are the motto of the show, composed of toys like an airplane, a wheel, a giant atlas and a time tunnel.

His own affective memory has always been an important element for Hilal’s production. For his previous works, in cotton fiber, he used rags from his family clothes to create the paper pulp. In a different series, he mobilized his Arabic origins to create calligraphies and arabesques. Other than his own emotions, for Ya’ayouni – Luz dos Meus Olhos he mobilizes concepts like displacement and impermanence. The “Deslocamentos” series comprises kinetic works created by the superposition of laser cut plastic blades, an invitation to reflect about the mutability of all the world’s elements. “Roda” is also connected to his research on displacement: this huge wooden object with 1,5m of diameter creates a movement that is simultaneously real and virtual. “Aviãozinho”, an object in aluminum coated with cotton paper and pigment, makes a clear reference to childhood. Finally, a gigantic book in cotton paper and pigment of approximately 2m portraits scenes from a private universe where the clouds are in continuous movement.

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T: +55 11 3079 0853
M: contato@galeriamariliarazuk.com.br

Galeria Marilia Razuk, Rua Jerônimo da Veiga 131, Itaim Bibi

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