In Between, 31 Aug 2016 — 02 Oct 2016

In Between

In which way 60 years ago subversions encounter reverberations in today’s artists? What is the contemporary echo? With the intention to answer these questions and though a light to these reflections, Galeria Bergamin & Gomide reunites works from contemporary artists such as Marcius Galan, Anna Maria Maiolino e Cildo Meireles, that dialogue with Lygia Clark’s “Breaking of the frame” dated from 1961.

In between” is an exhibition that disposes itself to look back at the first parameters that evoke a desire of balance in art – frame, plan, geometry – so a transformation of these elements can be proposed and in this way think of categories that transcend form them such as space, subject, emptiness, geometric forms that are more or less rigid.” Says the curator Luisa Duarte.

In “Breaking of the frame” Lygia show her conflict with painting, as Helio Oiticica does, she radically discusses the parameters of art, invading the dominance of the frame, a process which culminates in the neo concrete manifest in 1959. In the last moments of their production, both artists proposed a work that no longer held the dimension of the object, but first becoming the experience, the process.

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