Maria Nepomuceno: Expanding Universe, 16 Nov 2015 — 19 Dec 2015

Maria Nepomuceno: Expanding Universe

With Expanding Universe, Maria Nepomuceno (b. 1976, Rio de Janeiro) continues to develop her ongoing research where the relations between time, origin, nature, manufacturing processes, architecture, symbolic objects and everyday materials, are narrowed in each work.

The show comprises five new works, in which the colour requests a special attention. “Colour is a subject that has always interested me, a heritage of the start of my artistic activity while studying painting. In these sculptures, the passages from one colour to another is given by the sequence in which the bead is the minimum unit”, said Nepomuceno.

In Nepomueno’s production, the beads are more than dots of colour, they also make reference to indigenous and African origins. The pieces featured in the show are exercises of mathematical constructions of colours and movements applied to living matter. The artist’s inspiration comes from plants, fruits, organs and planets incorporated to materials such as straw, clay, wood, ceramics, necklace beads, ropes and pigments.

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