Paulo Monteiro: O Interior da Distância, 03 Oct 2015 — 07 Nov 2015

Paulo Monteiro: O Interior da Distância

O Interior da Distância  [The Inside of Distance], Paulo Monteiro’s (b. 1961, São Paulo) second solo show at Mendes Wood DM, comprises recent paintings and iron sculptures, both small and large. These different languages, with the artist have been working for decades, are placed side by side in an attempt to create a place where different formal and aesthetical characteristics coexist and are complementary. Monteiro began his production in 1977 drawing comic books, influenced by Robert Crumb, George McManus and Luiz Sá. From 1983 to 1985, he was part of the group Casa 7, with artists Carlito Carvalhosa, Fábio Miguez, Nuno Ramos and Rodrigo Andrade. It’s during this period that Monteiro’s production gained a synthetic character, dissipating the previous excess. The line became the conductor of his poetics, taking different forms: it appears as gesture on his works on paper, as relief on his paintings, and as cut on the sculptures. Monteiro conciliate in his production both painting and sculpture as if they were joint practices, creating an unpretentious narrative between them. When one first observes the works of O Interior da Distância, there might seem to be a lapse between the thin, long and light gestures from the oil paintings and the leaden rigidity of the sculptures. This gap, however, is filled with a more attentive stare, as one sees that the thick lines of paint on the canvases create a direct dialogue, almost a mirroring effect, with the metal works on the floor. The book “Paulo Monteiro: O Interior da Distância”, published by Cobogó, was released during the opening and is available at the gallery.

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