Renata De Bonis: , to fill the interlude without breaking it,, 13 Nov 2015 — 12 Dec 2015

Renata De Bonis: , to fill the interlude without breaking it,

The works gathered in Renata De Bonis (b. 1984, São Paulo) solo show at BFA Boatos inhabit the possibility of grasping and recognizing the intervals between fragile notions of temporality. Through strategies that cut open gaps upon the interior of our daily efforts, the artist inflects, reproduces, transposes, and fills forms examining attempts to arrest and document ordinary objects and phenomena.

For Germano Dushá, author of the show’s critical essay, De Boniscreates combinations bounded by elements collected from the organic world or stumbled upon in urban scenarios, with materials commonly used for constructive and sculptural purposes. Each act, however, is only completed in consequence of the identification of what is not to be seen: the space in between, the vacant space.

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