Territory: Artists of African Descent in the Collection of the Pinacoteca, 12 Dec 2015 — 13 Jun 2016

Territory: Artists of African Descent in the Collection of the Pinacoteca

Estação Pinacoteca, Largo General Osório 66, Santa Ifigênia

 “Territories: African Descent Artists in the Collection of the Pinacoteca”, celebrates the 110 years of the institution and presents to the public important works signed by Brazilian artists of African descent. The exhibition, on display in the Pinacoteca Station, features a unique look and values ​​the legacy of these artists.
The proposed trustee is to retake the great contributions of the Pinacoteca to the historiography of Brazilian art introduced in Emanoel Araújo management (1993- 2002), the first black director of the Pinacoteca do Estado, so features of the core artists of African descent of the institution plus new acquisitions.
Are 106 works including paintings, prints, drawings, sculptures and installations that trace different profiles of artistic production of African descent in the eighteenth century Brazil today. The works are divided into three sets and arranged according to the familiarity of the topics or territories: the Western Headquarters, Headquarters and Contemporary African matrices. No chronological concern, exposure raises the possibility of understanding the production and the inclusion of these artists in the collection of the Art Gallery as well as the established circuit in context.
Among the works on display is the Self-portrait produced in 1908 by Arthur Timótheo da Costa, donated in 1956, ie 51 years after the opening of the Pinacoteca – the first work by a black artist. Valentine master, Antonio Bandeira, Rubem Valentim, Jaime Lauriano and Rosana Paulino are also among the artists that make up the show. Also noteworthy was the work of Rommulo Vieira Conceição acquired in November by the Patrons of the Pinacoteca program, which began in 2012 and today there are 72 supporters couples.
“With the entrance to the Pinacoteca’s collection of early works of African descent young Brazilian artists, the idea of formulating an exhibition that articulate in relation to those existing in the acquis. It would be a strategy for the institution to reflect on part of its history and at the same time, review works produced by artists of African descent already in the collection, in the light of the new arrivals, “said Chiarelli.

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T: +55 11 3335 4990
M: faleconosco@pinacoteca.org.br

Estação Pinacoteca, Largo General Osório 66, Santa Ifigênia

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