van Kerckhoven Anne-Mie: Pseudo-Fourier, 25 Jun 2016 — 13 Aug 2016

van Kerckhoven Anne-Mie: Pseudo-Fourier

Solo Shows, rua major sertório 557, 3A

SOLO SHOWS presents the exhibition Pseudo-Fourier by Anne-Mie van Kerckhoven.

Presenting her exhibition, the artist said: “When I mix old and new works, together with theories and lists that are dear to me, this must be read as an accumulation of testimonies of this private social utopic worldview that is mine. I name this exhibition Pseudo-Fourier: a list of 17 pseudo-theories, in the tradition of what social utopist François-Marie-Charles Fourier (1772-1837) did in his time. He focused on harmony as on installing pseudo-laws to prevent the older laws to come back. The pseudo-world thus created becomes a positive force that denies the original, the copy, and the model as the reproduction. That positive force can also be called “art”. Lust and analysis are in a constant battle to transgress laws. The art of using transgressions is a major art of harmonious mathematic equations of all sorts. Images can
become anarchistic and spread-out circulatory articulators.
When I show them in series, as lists, the overall harmony decomposes the function of time into frequencies of creativity, in a way similar to how a musical chord can be expressed as the amplitude or loudness of its constituent notes”.

Anne-Mie van Kerckhoven (*1951) has had solo exhibitions at Kunstverein Munich (2015), Mu.ZEE in Ostend (2012), The Renaissance Society in Chicago (2011), FRAC Pays de la Loire in Carquefou (2009), Kunsthalle Nürnberg (2009), Wiels Brussels (2008), Kunstmuseum Luzern (2008), Kunsthalle Bern (2005), and M HKA in Antwerp (1999). In November 2016, a solo exhibition entitled
‘What Would I Do in Orbit?’ will open at the Museum Abteiberg in
Anne-Mie van Kerckhoven Pseudo-Fourier has been supported by
the Flemish Authorities.

Sites of the exhibition:

Galeria das Artes – Edificio Veneza
Rua 7 de Abril, 127
São Paulo
Monday – Friday: 9 -19h
Saturday: 9.30 – 13h

Rua Major Sertório 557, AP 3A
São Paulo
saturdays 14 – 19hs
and by appointment

Contacts & Details
sun, mon, tue, wed, thu, fri

T: +55 11 94506 7667

Solo Shows, rua major sertório 557, 3A
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