Women in the Universe of Brecheret, 02 Sep 2015 — 26 Jun 2016

Women in the Universe of Brecheret

Museu Brasileiro da Escultura – MuBE, Av. Europa, 218, Jardim Europa

Celebrating 20 years of its foundation, the MuBEMuseu Brasileiro da Escultura reveals to the São Paulo public the exhibition Mulheres no Universo de Brecheret (“Women in the Universe of Brecheret“) reliefs by the sculptor Victor Brecheret, decorations of a building in Rua Boa Vista in the city center of São Paulo. There are eight parts, with sizes ranging from 0.85m X 0.85m X 1.25m to 1.25 and weigh about 600 kg.

Women embody all beneficial, prosperous and progressive activities responsible for the accelerated progress of São Paulo that, in the 50s, was the locomotive of Brazil, starting the installation of the world financial center, which is today. In these panels, Brecheret expressed the idea of Powerful Women, who embody allegories or symbols of the sources of wealth of the State of São Paulo and Brazil.

In the panels you can see the allegorical stories that include Woman Allegory of Coffee Agriculture, primary wealth of the country, at that time, also Industry, Trade, Building, Agriculture, Aviation. In addition to these external panels, Brecheret designed two smaller, located inside the building. On them he depicted the allegorical female figures holding symbols, they are presented in groups of five friezes, as in the Greek temples, with the same sacred atmosphere and transcendentalism.

Contacts & Details
T: +55 11 2594 2601
M: mube@mube.art.br

Museu Brasileiro da Escultura – MuBE, Av. Europa, 218, Jardim Europa

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