Korea Artist Prize 2018, 11 Aug 2018 — 09 Dec 2018

Korea Artist Prize 2018

The Korea Artist Prize is organized by MMCA with the support of the SBS Culture Foundation to select and support emerging artists in the Korean context, providing them with the opportunity to produce and show new work. Four artists are selected every year.

Nominees for the 2018 are Gu Minja, Okin Collective, siren eunyoung jung, and Jung Jaeho. Gu Minja is an installation/performance artist who expresses time, labour, and other everyday subject matters from a philosophical perspective; Okin Collective (Kim Hwayong, Yi Joungmin, and Jin Shiu), a video/performance group that has used radio broadcasts and performances to approach issues related to urban development in Korea; Jung Jaeho, a practitioner of Korean painting who uses the genre to show landscapes of modernization where development logic has become the paramount value; and siren eun young jung, a video/performance artist who uses the performances and expressions of actors in the all-female traditional musical theater genre to explore gender issues in different ways. The winner of the 2018 edition, announced on September 5, is artist Siren Eun Young Jung.

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