Lacombe: Inside Cinema, 12 Jun 2016 — 28 Aug 2016

Lacombe: Inside Cinema

Shanghai Center of Photography – SCôP, No. 2555-1 Long Teng Avenue

Behind the scenes, inside cinema, French-born, New York-based photographer Brigitte Lacombe is as well known as the faces she photographs. This summer, SCôP puts her in the spotlight, exhibiting some of her most widely known and admired photographic portraits.

With Inside Cinema, Lacombe brings you behind the scenes and face-to-face with some of the most famous names in the world of cinema. From the sets of Falling in Love (1984) to The Wolf of Wall Street(2013), from Dangerous Liaisons (1988) to The Aviator (2004) via The Talented Mr Ripley (1999) and many more besides, to the singularly striking portraits of the stars of these and other films, you will find the actors and directors we all know and love. As icons of the age, in their own distinctive ways they embody the dramas and roles, which define recent decades of cinematic achievement.

With a clear eye and a deft appraisal of her moments, Lacombe shows us how actors grow and evolve through time; Meryl Streep, Leonardo Di Caprio, Robert De Niro, and directors like Martin Scorsese, are revealed in portraits both official and candid, on set and off.

“I always create a very simple, pure, and protected space,” Lacombe says. “To sit for a portrait leaves you vulnerable. It’s intimidating, both for the sitter and the photographer. The person has to be able to be open and trust you and to let you look in.”

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T: +86 21 6428 9516

Shanghai Center of Photography – SCôP, No. 2555-1 Long Teng Avenue

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