Wen Wu at Leo Gallery Shanghai, 12 Nov 2016 — 01 Jan 2017

Wen Wu at Leo Gallery Shanghai

Leo Gallery Shanghai, 376 Wukang Road

As a new exploration, the “Untitled 2016 Series” of Wen Wu also direct confronts the historical context and the self-awareness of contemporary painting. The academic experience in Düsseldorf State Arts Academy has deeply affected Wen Wu’s art and left the impact of Neo-impressionism. Through powerful expressions, his art conveys a real sense of perception as well as impression.

By utilizing colors through a strong and even violent technique, Wen Wu’s painting creates an independent language within his subjects and images. The method of alteration, overturning and overlapping constructs the main body of Wen Wu’s creation, through which, transferring the very presence and existence of the artist. The sensorial energy and the possible passion explicit reveal the fragile body perception that hide behind Wen Wu’s subjects; also, generate the weak, scared, anxious but still repetitive ruins of image.

Wen Wu (b.1968, Gansu, China) moved to Germany in 1990. Having spent 20-years living and creating artwork in Germany, submerging himself in the country’s culture, history, language and environment, Wen Wu began to reflect on the history of painting and how to liberate the traditional compositions of the art form in a new and exciting way. Wen Wu is a miniature of overseas returned Chinese artist.

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Leo Gallery Shanghai, 376 Wukang Road

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