Clang John: The World Surrounding an Indoor Plant, 02 Jul 2016 — 11 Sep 2016

Clang John: The World Surrounding an Indoor Plant

Fost Gallery, FOST Private Limited 1 Lock Road #01-02, Gillman Barracks

Fost Gallery presents the highly anticipated solo exhibition The World Surrounding an Indoor Plant by Singaporean artist John Clang.

Utilising the indoor plant as a symbol of an ever-wakeful inner consciousness, this solo exhibition is an extension of John Clang’s artistic journey and explorations into the intimate realms of memory and recollection. The showcase presents two new bodies of works. The first is a series of still images conceived by projecting photos of acquaintances and family members from a magic lantern, rendering the projections as charcoal drawings and then re-photographing them. Akin to time travel, the reversal from photo to sketch and back again alludes to an attempt to arrive at the heart of image making.

Beyond objective or realistic representation, they serve to distillate the essence of memory and its underlying ambiguity, tension and anxiety. The addition of handwritten text serves as a further foil at attempts of direct and straightforward interpretation and imbues the images with fresh meanings.

The second is a series of video imagery based loosely on the artist’s personal history. Collectively, they evoke themes associated with the act of recollection and remembrance such as reciprocity, distortion, futility and freedom.

Binding both works is a fervent desire to probe deep into the roots of memory in order to get to the core of intellectual consciousness. At the same time, they are also poised as investigations into the highly reflexive nature of still and moving images, and their inseparable relation with the human mind.

Contacts & Details
tue, wed, thu, fri, sat 11:00 am – 7:00 pm; sun 11:00 am – 6:00 pm


T: +65 6694 3080

Fost Gallery, FOST Private Limited 1 Lock Road #01-02, Gillman Barracks

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