Dominika Koziak: Through the Veil, 24 Sep 2016 — 25 Sep 2016

Dominika Koziak: Through the Veil

Instinc, 12 Eu Tong Sen Street #04-163 soho2@central

“Through the Veil” is Canadian artist Dominika Koziak’s first solo exhibition in Singapore. “Through the Veil” is a series of recent works responding to our lives as consumers of media and culture, and compares the super fandom and obsession of celebrity with the idolizing of religious gods and figureheads.
Koziak dismantles the Catholic religious imagery of her youth, and inserts the narrative of her own prevailing fixation, Korean Hallyu Wave stars, Bigbang. Influenced by “fan-service” given at concerts, she takes inspiration from one crucial ritualistic act performed at concerts. The wiping of a Bigbang member’s own face, and throwing the towel to enraptured fans below, and comparing it to Saint Veronica wiping the face of Jesus Christ on the way to His crucifixion. Through Saint Veronica’s compassion, one of the Church’s most treasured relics came into existence, an imprint of Jesus’s visage. Through this analogy Koziak reimagines the towels of Bigbang as relics, used to wipe away their fatigue and enchantment, with their visage mystically imprinting on cloth.

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T: +65 6227 9487

Instinc, 12 Eu Tong Sen Street #04-163 soho2@central

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