Euan Lockie: Ultra Light Beam solo show, 30 Apr 2016 — 01 May 2016

Euan Lockie: Ultra Light Beam solo show

Instinc, 12 Eu Tong Sen Street #04-163 soho2@central

Instinc presents Euan Lockie‘s (New Zealand) First international solo show Ultra Light Beam. The exhibition consists of both contemporary sculpture and painting. The artist takes inspiration from a diverse range of influences including street culture, pop art, religion, mainstream iconography and the vernacular language of branding.

Lockie’s work is strongly influenced by western youth culture as well as overarching corporate giants. The artist uses his work to explore the consumer behaviours that inform trends and cult followings within these cultures. The work seeks to examine
relationships between popular consumption models and the ways these consumer behaviours inform high art.
The investigation manifests itself visually as a mix of layering, abstracted and representative methods. Bold, emblematic imagery is merged with soft gradients, diverting the viewers attention from the obvious in order to accentuate the sub conscious marketing powers at play in day to day brand consumption.

These works are first and foremost polished and aesthetically pleasing. Thematically however the work challenges both high and low art through the incorporation of elements from both of these cultures. From the streets to the Penthouse, the juxtaposition of these two immensely different worlds is represented visually through the use of gold leaf, colourful spray paint finishes and brand motifs both high and low end.

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T: +65 6227 9487

Instinc, 12 Eu Tong Sen Street #04-163 soho2@central

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