Journey to Infinity: Escher’s World of Wonder, 24 Sep 2016 — 05 Feb 2017

Journey to Infinity: Escher’s World of Wonder

ArtScience Museum, 10 Bayfront Avenue

“Journey to Infinity: Escher’s World of Wonder“ showcases the works of M. C. Escher, one of the world’s most famous graphic artists.

Featuring over 150 original works, the exhibition is a retrospective of his enigmatic sketches and paradoxical designs. The display begins with his early prints and naturalistic drawings inspired by Italy’s landscape. The exhibition further explores M.C. Escher’s work on tessellation and transformation of shapes, illustrating how metamorphosis became a unique feature of his art, blending fantasy and geometry. Pursuing his mathematical research, he created boundless images executed with incredible detail and precision in an attempt to represent infinity.

Until today, the international scientific community praises M.C. Escher’s work as a symbol of the interrelationship of Art and Science. Despite his understanding of mathematics being mainly visual and intuitive, he played with architecture and perspective to invent infinite and immersive worlds of wonder. M.C. Escher’s artwork continues to and inspire generations of artists, architects, mathematicians, musicians and designers, fond of his playful fantasies and fascinating constructions.

Contacts & Details
mon, tue, wed, thu, fri, sat, sun 10:00 am – 7:00 pm

T: +65 6688 8888

ArtScience Museum, 10 Bayfront Avenue

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