Ruben Pang: A Totem for Your Genuine Internals, 10 Jan 2017 — 09 Feb 2017

Ruben Pang: A Totem for Your Genuine Internals

Chan Hampe Galleries announce a new solo exhibition by Ruben Pang, entitled “A Totem for Your Genuine Internals”, and runs on the period from 10 January to 9 February. The show is the response to the carte blanche the gallery gave to the artist. “I treated the walls with the intention of making the gestures that I felt authentically, without thinking compositionally. I did it quickly because I was very certain that if it mirrored what I was to myself at that moment, it had to be captured quickly. I stop at the point where I can recognize myself in the present moment, and by the rules I laid out, must accept it.” The artist stated.

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