Sweet spot: MA Fine Arts work in progress, 14 Nov 2015 — 13 Dec 2015

Sweet spot: MA Fine Arts work in progress

Sweet spot presents works-in-progress by 11 candidates from MA Fine Arts. Developed through studio practice, experimentation and group discussion, the works represent the candidates’ diverse approaches to painting, sound, performance, video, photography and installation.

The exhibition is the first of two presentations featuring works by MA Fine Arts candidates at the Institute of Contemporary Arts Singapore. The second is the graduation exhibition, presented in Gallery 1 from April to May each year. Representing the MA programme’s commitment to professional development, the exhibition provides candidates with the opportunity to test and share their ideas with a wide public, as well as deepen their knowledge of curatorial processes.

The title of the exhibition describes the point at which concepts, materials and forms converge in an artwork, creating a unique and intense aesthetic experience. Each work strives to achieve this ‘sweet spot’ through various combinations of subjects, media and ideas.

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