¡Ejemplos a Seguir! Mundos Sostenibles, 09 Jun 2017 — 13 Aug 2017

¡Ejemplos a Seguir! Mundos Sostenibles

Parque Cultural de Valparaíso, Cárcel 471, Valparaíso

Chile is one of the ten countries worst hit by climate change. With natural resources increasingly scarce in Chile as in the rest of the world, this scenario catalyzes serious territorial conflicts. This situation points to the urgency of an adequate reaction on the part of politics and different sectors of society to find solutions and carry out a socio-ecological transformation towards a sustainable world for all. Under this scenario, these activities aim to be a contribution to progress towards a sustainable transition that mitigate the negative impacts generated by this phenomenon.
The show was conceived by curator and former secretary of culture of Berlin, Adrienne Goehler, who gathered works of more than 60 artists from different parts of the planet. Understanding aesthetics as a channel for the construction of other possible worlds, it invites the audience to reflect and act creatively for a sustainable society for all. From 2010, “¡Ejemplos a Seguir! Mundos Sostenibles” has been presented in 15 cities, including Berlin (Germany) Mumbay (India) Addis Ababa (Ethiopia) Beijing (China) São Paulo (Brazil) Puebla (Mexico) and Lima (Peru).

Contacts & Details
T: +56 32 235 9400

Parque Cultural de Valparaíso, Cárcel 471, Valparaíso
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