Liliane Tomasko: Amygdala, 27 Jun 2019 — 14 Sep 2019

Liliane Tomasko: Amygdala

Oratori de Sant Feliu, Oratori de Sant Feliu

Kewenig presents the first exhibition of works by Liliane Tomasko (born 1967 in Zurich). For “Amygdala”, Tomasko has created new paintings in acrylic and acrylic spray on canvas, as well as a series of oil works on paper, to be presented in the Oratori de Sant Feliu and the adjoining exhibition space of the gallery.

The exhibition presents three large format, dark paintings with dense and dynamically interwoven lines and looping forms. The insistent movements of “a dream of: PRODUCING IMAGES” (2019) or “a dream of: RISING DARKNESS” (2019) are reminiscent of endless, abstract morphologies and rapidly growing, proliferating nature. The brushstrokes and sprayed lines extend past the edge of the canvas, so that the visible picture seems to be a window offering a view into the structure of the interior –like a portrait of the brain which, with a vigorous impetus, generates dreams and creates images.

Alongside these paintings, Tomasko juxtaposes bright and luminous paintings such as “fabric of dreams” (2019) or “A darker shade of heart” (2019) which, in their mixture of clarity and indeterminacy, seem like topographies of dream and materialized emotions. Here she gives rise to more subtle painterly surfaces, overpaints existing structures, smears, and lets the paint run. Small format, black-and-white paintings, are cooler and graphic: like clairvoyant magnifying glasses which capture the physicality and crisp clarity of dreams with consummate mastery.

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Oratori de Sant Feliu, Oratori de Sant Feliu
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